Long Wavy Formal Hairstyle – Light Blonde Hair Color

Long Wavy Formal    Hairstyle   – Light Blonde Hair Color

Soft curls are added to the sides and back of this style to give this look movement and subtle shape. This gorgeous ‘do is easy to re-create with the right tools and needs product to tame fly-away hair. Regular trims will also help maintain a healthy look and feel by preventing split ends.

Our model has beautiful facial features and a strong rounded jawline, which is nicely complimented by her soft wavy tresses here. Having a triangular face shape, she has a wide, broad forehead to contend with and a narrow chin area. Voluminous hairstyles that have lots of body and volume around the jaw and neck area are ideal for her as they balance out her face shape the best. This simple curly ‘do does just that, while the layered ends give her medium hair a thicker appearance. She would look great in bangs as it would give her broad forehead some coverage, however the slightly off-center part and grown out fringe is working well for her too.

Our model has a fair, warm skin tone and light green eyes. This coloring is best paired with golden blondes and browns, but it is also possible for ladies with this complexion and eye color to wear caramel shades too. Here, she goes for a golden blonde base with sun-kissed highlights all over that have a natural looking finish. This color brightens up her complexion and gives her an all-over warm glow while adding depth and dimension to her locks. Regular color touch ups are needed to keep this sunny blonde looking fresh and bright.

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