Medium Curly Formal Hairstyle – Light Blonde Hair Color

Medium Curly Formal    Hairstyle   – Light Blonde Hair Color

Our model is rocking this formal layered hairstyle that has intense curls from eye level down. Her tresses (a long lock of hair) are styled so that they sit at shoulder length and show off the bigger curls. This style creates volume and body to the hair itself. You need to apply product to hold the curls in as well as to give your hair a flawless shine that is irresistible. The shape of this ‘do is perfect to complement an oblong face shape and needs product for hold and shine. The side swept bangs are ideal for creating a sultry look and bringing the attention up to the eyes. To further this look, you can do a bold eye to ensure that you do this attention justice. Keep in mind that you do not want to do too much, so make sure that your make-up is not caked on your face and never forget the highlighter on your check bones to finish off the look.

This hairstyle will suit women of all ages. The light blonde color takes this look to the next level but will also look nice with some darker highlights in your hair to keep the hairstyle looking fresh and new. If you are going to color your hair, you need to touch up your roots before your color starts to look fake and cheap. Due to the side bangs creating attention on your eyes and forehead, glasses might not suit this look as well as the bangs will end up covering your glasses half way through the day when the curls drop a little.

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