Medium Straight Formal Bob Hairstyle – Light Blonde Hair Color

Medium Straight Formal  Bob  Hairstyle   – Light Blonde Hair Color

Our model flaunts a light blonde layered hairstyle that has been cut in layers to complement her facial features and is ideal for fine to medium hair textures. Her brown eyes pop due to the fact that the layers allows her hair to fall in such a way that her eyes are a focal point as well as her astonishing cheek bones. This is a very smooth hairstyle that is perfect for all ages above 20 years old.

Smooth and sophisticated is the main idea for this look. Our model flaunts a layered style that sculpts around her face and shows off her honey blonde tresses beautifully. The ends have been heavily layered for a smooth and sculpted shape. This ‘do will work the best on straight hair textures or does not mind ironing her hair often or treating her hair with a Brazilian Blow-wave to allow the style to keep its shape. Regular trims are required to keep the ends looking sharp and healthy, while the color will also benefit from regular touch up treatments to keep the color looking fresh and new.

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